Argentine Angus is quite different from beef in other parts of the world. Firstly, Argentina’s main region of beef production Las Pampas, has a farming area 10 times the size of the UK which is ideal for grazing thanks to moisture levels, a mild climate, rich soil and vast terrain. Because Las Pampas grass is so fine, it is easier to for cows to eat, making their fattening quicker and better than other regions.

The flatness of the region is also ideal for muscle development as the animals run freely over the land (up to 200km in their 2.5 year lives). This allows the cows to feed at will purely on fresh, natural grass, making the meat less marbled (with 25% less intramuscular fat) and much healthier (containing 10% less cholesterol than the average beef).

The quality of our beef is also enhanced by strict sanitary controls, from the birth of the animal all the way to the distribution, each step undergoes strict technical controls.

Our suppliers are some of the top names in the UK, with an international reputation for the quality of their products. At Buenos Aires Restaurant we take pride in doing what we love most and every piece of beef is carefully selected to ensure that the best cuts are served to our customers.

One thing is for sure: us Argentines love our beef! We eat lots of it (latest stats say about 60kg/head/year) so we definitely know how to choose the best cuts for our customers!


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