Though considered part of the "New World", Argentina’s winemaking industry dates back almost 500 years and the country is now the world’s 5th largest wine producer. Argentina is quickly making a name for itself with it’s signature’s grape, Malbec. Argentine Malbec has become known worldwide and has been awarded well-deserved medals in oenological competitions. The grape acquires different features according to the weather and soil conditions where it is grown. In the areas where it grows most prominently, wines of pleasant taste, medium body with certain earthy notes, and an intense purple colour are produced. With its vigorous texture and taste, it has a tough rusticity on the palate.

Our Argentine wine selection currently covers the widest range of regions, product types and price points available in the UK. Going from the Southern-most region of Patagonia, up through the popular Mendoza and Argentine Rioja regions, all the way to the North and the highest altitude vineyards in the world: Salta (1,700 to 3,000 metre high vineyards). Our wines reflect the identity and terroir that Argentina has to offer.

We are very proud of our country’s winemaking heritage and the unique terroir of Mendoza, and are dedicated to selling wines that emphasize the trademark Argento style – fruit purity, vibrancy and elegance.

When you drink our wines, you experience the true passion and spirit of the real Argentina.


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