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Our Beef

The Argentinians have long prided themselves on the quality of their beef.

We produce the world’s finest, most tender, melt-in-the-mouth steaks, bursting with flavour and prepared with love.

The unrivalled quality of our beef is largely down to the diet and living conditions of our cattle. At the heart of the Argentinian meat scene is Las Pampas, a vast flat farming region ten times the size of the UK with high moisture levels, a mild climate and wonderful rich soil – perfect conditions for grazing.

Las Pampas grass is especially fine, meaning it’s very easy to eat. Fine grass equals lovely, fat cattle and grass-fed beef is, incidentally, believed to be healthier as it contains more omega 3 fatty acids than grain-fed beef and is thought to be lower in cholesterol.

We work alongside the best suppliers of the finest produce, sourced direct from farmers throughout Las Pampas. We fly the Argentinian flag in everything we do, and infuse every dish we serve with lashings of Latino pride.

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The sacred asado is cooking in its purest form - just fire and grill for the finest Argentinian feast of melt in the mouth meat. In Buenos Aires, no weekend is truly complete without it.